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OxSolve Works and is Changing the Water and Wastewater Industry with Oxygen

OxSolve works and is an environmentally-friendly solution for odor control, aeration basins, digesters, lakes, ponds, and more. OxSolve works via our patented process by supersaturating pure oxygen into a liquid (SSO2) and delivers it in a targeted way to achieve maximum results.

Our unique process can deliver up to 500ppm of dissolved oxygen. And, because it is dissolved, its effective rate is 5 times greater than bubbles.

It’s like delivering ‎O2 at 500 PPM x 5!


OxSolve Works. OxSolve is Changing the Water and Wastewater Industry with Oxygen.

Oxygen Odor Control, BioSolids Reduction, and Surface Water Cleanup at OxSolve.com

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